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Here are some comments from teachers about our toy contributions.

“What beautiful work you all do! Thank you, each and every one for using your talents to create gifts for the children. They have enjoyed them immensely."

“Everything we received was amazing. Thank you so much.”

“It is wonderful in today’s plastic environment to see such great wood toys.  To have these as a donation is such a wonderful gift to our school.”

“Thank you so much for the great rocking horses, dinosaur and table. The kids love them.”

“These toys are made to last and we really appreciate it.”

“Our children have really enjoyed the toys you donated. Thank you so much.”

“Your gifts are a wonderful addition to our school and we thank you very much.”

“I think this is simply wonderful. Thank you for hand crafting these toys for us.”

“Your toys are beautiful. It is delightful to have toys in our program that not only help children with motor skills and spark imaginative play, but that are so wonderfully crafted and aesthetically delightful.”

“It is a great feeling and thought to know that you are out in the community doing this. The children loved all the toys you donated. They ask for them almost every day. Please keep us in mind for the next school year.”

“Thank you very much for your donation of wooden toys to our program. Your generosity and support of our migrant and seasonal families is greatly appreciated.”

“The alligator is so cute – I love the wood grain. Wow. What a work of art and physics. That is truly a great piece of work. Absolutely adorable.”

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